Boats, Cannonballs, Cannonballs!

Winnipeg’s pop-collective Boats have a lot to live up to after their invigorating 2007 debut, Intercontinental Champion, turned the indie-pop world on its head. Three years and a dozen tours later, Cannonballs, Cannonballs! arrives with the band’s animated experimentation’s intact while capturing their ballsy live intensity with gusto.
Kinetic opener, “Sunrise On The Muffin District” slowly builds from a low-fi metallic drum beat till a bubble blurp introduces layers of sonic candy found in Ashley Roch’s never-ending bag of keyboard sounds, trashy drum fills and main-man Mat Klachefsky freaky high register. Followed up by “Haircuts For Everybody!!” the band takes their quirky indie-pop into new terrain as the midstream freak-out is far more heavy than anything else they’ve done. As the album progresses, Boats get even more adventurous. The bridge in “T.V. Scientist” is warped into a hellish chant perfect for a Tim Burton musical and “Summercamp vs The Fake Moustache Tree” is an epic tale painting the gruesome war with yells, tribal drums and smatterings of retro sounds that would make The Decemberists’ jealous.
The only way to describe how much I love…wait…LOVE!! this record is that it’s been spinning on my headphones for weeks and I have a smile so permanently plastered on my face you’d think I’m The Joker. (Majestic Triumph)

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Boats – MySpace


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