Cactus’s, New Bones

Nashville’s Cactus’s have been hand picked to play 2010’s South by Southwest Music Festival, CMJ, and Canadian Music Week and its easy to hear why. The band’s new release, New Bones, is a fierce combination of punk, soul and hardcore that gives Fugazi a run for their money.

Pummeling opener, “Kiwi Diamond” is driven by some fierce tom hits yet textured with simple guitar lines before screaming into a high energy chorus. Man… New Bones is packed with some killer tracks,”Tiny Teeth” and “Queen Bee’s” chaotic arrangements are only made better by the band’s relentless zeal for capturing the spirit of punk’s pure raunchiness.

Don’t get me wrong, Cactus’s are just not a punk band they are a musically diverse trio pulling off some joyful pop moments. The Ted Leo inspired “I’m The Whale” has a taunting reggae bounce and instant album highlight, “Daddy” is set to a soaring chorus ready-made for the arena. (Independent)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Cactus’s – MySpace


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