Ben G, Stories I Tell

Contemporary rocker Ben G compares his sound to Oasis, U2, Filter, Pink Floyd, The Cranberries and James Blunt. Listening to Stories I Tell, replace Oasis to Pink Floyd with Collective Soul and fellow Canadian David Usher – now that is Ben G. I don’t mean that as a back-handed comment either. You can’t deny the popularity of Collective Soul’s discography and David Usher has continued to make solid pop-rock records since Moist disbanded in 99.
Like his influences, Ben has that special ability of turning life experiences into strong melodies and hooks while being completely genuine with the subject matter. Lead single, “Getaway” is the perfect summer rocker; big guitars, big drums and an incredibly catchy, sing-out load chorus. It definitely gives listeners cause to reflect on summers past. Same goes with choice cuts “Morning Song” and “South (Where It’s Warm)”; both are bouncy and bright pop songs where Ben sounds most comfortable. On the flip side, darker tracks like, “Addiction” and “Cut You In” sound embarrassingly forced as the guitars kick into overdrive and G has to give his best 90’s grunge impression.
Come to think of it, the album’s biggest problem is that you lose all of Ben’s personality in these huge, methodical rock songs when all they really need are acoustic guitars and Ben’s endearing vocals. Still, fans of early Can-Rock will dig these set of songs that suggest a budding music career. (Independent)

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Ben G – MySpace


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