Clothes Make The Man, “Dreamless Nights”

Toronto’s Clothes Make The Man are set to release their follow-up album, Distance, on November 2, 2010. With their lead single “Dreamless Night” featured on a recent episode of Degrassi High, the band has decided to celebrate by offering it up as a free download on their MySpace page.

“Dreamless Night” opens with the line – “The whole world’s watching/The whole world wants so much more”. Depending on your outlook, it could be a play on our societies demand for more and more products while industries continue to ravage our environment OR do they just have cold feet about the dreaded sophomore slump?

I have a feeling its more about the former and it is definitely the kind of anthem popular rock radio needs right now. Clothes Make The Man are conscious songwriters backed by loud amps, huge drums sounds and a raucous Rock N’Roll sound that will entice your entire body to jump head first into the mosh pit. Yeah, it’s a quick-y track that leans toward the band’s knack for monster hooks but it’s well worth your email address for a free download.  (Independent)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Clothes Make The Man – MySpace


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