Scott Dunbar, Philosophies Of A Moth Vol.3: Two Years To Live

After recording and producing 2008’s An Awful Racket and 2009’s Get Angry About It, Scott Dunbar brought in engineer Corwin Fox to help him lay down 24-tracks in one week for his official third release. Two Years To Live, beautifully captures the chronicles of a traveling vagabond across the Canadian landscape. Split into two discs – One Man Band and My Boy’s Gonna Play In The Big Leagues – topics range from enraged political/social views, to topical and intimate love stories. Although, in this day in age these themes are beginning to blur, Dunbar attacks all issues with the same folk-blues boiling point.

As the title of disc one suggests, One Man Band, features Dunbar pulling off his day job as a street musician and showcasing why he is so widely popular on the Folk festival circuit. Dunbar shines on the passionate and bare, “Amy M” and “Tuning Fork”, the goofy hipster “Matching Mohawks” (Example line: “Let’s pierce our eyebrows and our genitals to”), and the explosive, “I’m Dick Chaney” with it’s brazen sing-along line, “Bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran”. The lyric completely caught me off the guard, so much so that I actually laughed out load, it’s apparent that Dunbar is ready to make people dance and hand out a few life lessons in the process.

My Boy’s Gonna Play In The Big Leagues is a completely different beast. First off, there is no cover song of Tom Cochrane’s iconic song, instead you are awarded with some of Dunbar’s most visceral performances. Opener “Ain’t Mama” includes a mechanics soundtrack of running saws, bottle clanks and off the cuff talk about “9/11 inside job, head out of the sand!”. Not to be out done, the dead man blues “Dance Like A Devil” is an instant highlight and the happy go lucky “Bicycle” should be on everyone’s sunny-day play-list.

Two Years To Live gives you plenty to think about ending with “Building Number 7”. Built on an accordion loop and a heavy back beat with Dunbar screaming “Building Number 7 is all I’ve got to say”. Google-ing it brings you to various videos that show how 9/11 could of been a controlled explosion. Intense and controversial, no doubt, but the evidence is damning and may have you asking more questions about what really happened.

For those who simply want to consume music as a soft back round nuance, Dunbar is not for you; he is all about challenging what you believe in. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Scott Dunbar – Official Site


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