Bass Lions, … is Diamonds

I completely missed the boat on Bass Lions rise to fame in the Canadian indie-pop world, but only after a few listens of this contagious follow-up, it is easy to hear why fans were looking forward to … is Diamonds.

Hipsters and Bass-heads will probably give me some flack for this, but to be quite honest, I enjoyed this record so much because it instantly reminded me of Broken Social Scene’s early years. Like BSS, Bass Lions create little pop enigma’s dressed in messy electronic static, folk-y acoustics before exploding into a fury of fuzzy guitars and noise.

Bass Lions’ cinematic tale begins with the mesmerizing “Diamond Quartz” with its recurring sparkled keys and light acoustic strums it’s a beautiful lullaby before melding into the sprawling “Wind-Up Bird” then continuing on to the one-two punch of first single, “You Brought The Bass”. Don’t get me wrong, Bass Lions are not following a formula;  The cut & pasted “New Intuition” and “Varicose Veins” introduce indie-pop to a raw and empowering new sound. (Nevado Records)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Bass Lions – MySpace


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