Tye Tribbett, Fresh

Gospel singer, preacher and business mogul, Tye Tribbett has had a few rough years. After riding high with Grammy award-winning backing group G.A. (Greater Anointing); Tribbett’s problems with infidelity, lead to the disbanding of the group (His wife and sister in-law were part of G.A.) and had him re-thinking his outlook on life.

Fresh, his official solo outing is a candid affair about his struggles, that has him singing for forgiveness and asking God to help him change his nasty ways. For believers, this act will be seen as someone giving into the Lord’s mercy. Personally, I think religion has nothing to with it – just commit and stop messing around. Saying that, it does takes a lot of courage to face infidelity in the spotlight and Tribbett comes off genuine and thankful for being able to continue making music.

The title track and “All For You” brings the bible to the club; while “Free To Worship” and “Replace Me” are straight from the sleazy streets of 80’s hair metal. These types of songs fall flat as the club tracks are horrendously auto-tuned and the rock tracks are pure cheese-ball antics. What saves Fresh from the used CD bin are the soul-charged “Keep Me”, “Your Blood (The Communion Song)” and “When The Rock Hits The Ground”. These tracks feature Tribbett backed by a more traditional gospel sound and they really bring out the showman in the preacher.

Overall, Fresh is an interesting collection of songs that attempts to dodges genre tags and bring something new to the gospel scene, it’s just that some of those new ideas come off half-baked. (Columbia Records)

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Tye Tribett Official Site


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