The Death Notes, “In The Spider’s Web”

Nottingham, U.K based rockers The Death Notes are set to release their new digital single on December 13th and with no firm release date set for their first full-length (sometime next year) they will definitely leave fans wanting more. Mike Joyce (The Smiths) has already featured “In The Spider’s Web” on his weekly radio show ‘Sweeping The Nation’ and he perfectly described the track as “Siouxsie Sioux fronting the (second album) Horrors”. Personally, the track reminded me of the raw acoustics of Joy Division mixed with static guitar influences from Sonic Youth while lead vocalist Elaine has the power and presence of Donita Sparks (L7). I’ve noticed a lot of comparisons going on which either means, The Death Notes have got something truly original going that no one can describe or the band is just trying to find their own sound. Regardless, let’s all just enjoy this nervous post-punk rocker and see what The Death Notes come up with in the new year. (Sonic Disruptor Records)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

The Death Notes – Official Site


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