Lulabi, Lulabi

Lulabi’s debut album was almost never released. Midway through the recording, the band replaced two founding members (a drummer and lead singer). These major changes would almost certainly destroy other bands. Thankfully for listeners the music kept them together. Dark, brooding and beautiful, Riem, France’s Lulabi have recreated the exotic gloom of their famous cathedrals.

Lulabi’s vivid ambitions are heavily influenced by layers of textured sounds. Examples include the menacing “Wedding Day” which transitions into a graphic post-rock opus (filled with halos of strings, horns and drum swells) and “Tron il Of” brings to mind early Dead Can Dance grooves climaxing to a seizure of guitar fuzz. Lulabi’s sound isn’t all doom and gloom, the airy Franco-pop “Schism” plays on the bands heavy-soft dynamics while “The Smell of Arising” and “The Narrator” are spirited odes to Radiohead circa The Bends.

Clearly, Lulabi are big on theatrics but cleaver enough to keep the 90’s alt-rock in its rawest form with intoxicating pulses, grooves and enough hooks to keep you engaged for multiple listens. (Independent)

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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