Jamila Ford, Enough

Right now the Billboard charts are topped by auto-tuned popsters backed by MIDI drum beats, I guess every fad has its day. Luckily, I get to hear what’s happening at an independent level and 2010 was represented by plenty of gorgeous pop records filled with live instrumentation. Jamila Ford’s third album, Enough, is one of those gems. On her previous records Ford was content to show off her blues and jazz roots but on Enough she brings out the coffee-housed, soul grooves.

Opening track, “Ordinary People” is such a groove; testing the limits of booty-shaking as Ford’s phenomenal vocals recall kindred spirits Roberta Flack & Gladys Knight. Besides that amazing voice, Ford’s heartfelt songs unveil a blossoming songwriter. Songs like “Easy For You”, “Thank You For Loving Me” and “A Little Too Much” are intense love ballads with incredibly catchy harmonies and insightful sentiments of the heart. Clearly, Ford is trying to break into the mainstream by selecting a wider range of material – tracks like “Not Exactly Perfect” and “Make Me Forget” remind me of Maroon 5 – but at the very core of Enough is a lust for love, life and music. (Skinny Chick Records)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Jamila Ford – Official Site


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