NikTex, The Power Of Yang

NikTex is a collaborative effort between Nikole Texidor, daughter of Jazz percussionist, Joseph Texidor (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) and multi-instrumentalist Manjinder Benning; who adds an exotic modern texture to The Power of Yang’s folksy origins. Receiving a grant from The Canada Council of Arts, this infectious debut is a deeply personal reflection from Nikole’s journals and looks at all the male figures that have effected her life. Like the Taoist symbol this album represents both the positive and negative – but even dark times can turn out to be happy accidents (“Definitely Lazy” and “Traffic In The Rain”).

Street noise and a tender kiss greet the listener as the electro-coffeehouse pop “Pantyhose” makes for a provocative introduction to a beautifully flowing album. The lush textures of “Irrationalities”  follows up next and instantly reminded me of Canadian soundscapers The Hermit and again on the post 9/11 inspired “This Too Shall Pass” the duo capture soft plucks blended perfectly with well-timed electronic and organic percussive beats. Obviously, the untimely passing of Nikole’s father has had a great effect on her; “Red Car” is based on a dream she had a few weeks after his death and captures the man’s convention both lyrically and musically. On the dark side, “ManFather” was written about an argument she had with her father in 2005 (the song was finished a few months after he passed away in 2008) and is now a heartbreaking argument that goes unanswered – “ManFather what’s wrong? You grew angry and old, Alone”.

On more than one occasion the album comes dangerously close to sounding repetitive, as every track is a play on the same formula, but in the end, every track is deeply moving, intimate and so tactfully detailed that The Power Of Yang is one of the lost treasures from 2010. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

NikTex – Official Site


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  1. Jason,

    Thank you for your review, it was precise and well written.
    All the best to you in this new year.


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