The Stanfields, Vanguard Of The Young And Reckless

Halifax’s The Stanfields had an amazing 2010 racking up six nominations at the Nova Scotia Music Awards (winning for Alternative Group Recording of the Year), their first single “The Dirtiest Drunk (In the History of Liqour)” beat out tracks from Green Day, Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon and The Foo Fighters achieving the top single on Halifax’s leading rock station Q104. Ending the year off on CTV’s New Year’s Eve Special – these guys are ready to take on the nation.

The Stanfields are unmistakably Nova Scotian rooted in Celtic Fusion with topical and political storytelling told from the perspective of the downhearted middle class. Fittingly, Vanguard begins with the fierce folklore “Dagger Woods” amped up to 11, followed up by “The Dirtiest Drunk  (In the History of Liquor)” which is easily the best single I’ve heard in a very long time, while key tracks “Federal Hall”, “Jimmy No More” and “Antics” explore Maritimes seedy underbelly. The most heartbreaking tale goes to the drug smuggler on “Ghost Of The Eastern Seaboard” where our character sings “The pay is better than jigging the line/or wasting away in a deep coal mine/the regular guy getting what he can/a 21st century unemployed man” and is left with “blood on my hands/riddled with guilt”.

Vanguard Of The Young And Reckless does have plenty of interesting social commentary but what makes them so appealing is that every track is pure rock n’ roll and tons of fun; Whether your listening to it in your local pub surrounded by friends or just vegging out on the couch skipping work, The Stanfields are always a good time. (GroundSwell Music)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The Stanfields – Official Site


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