Rob Moir, This Is The Lie

Everybody seems surprised that Rob Moir, leading man of ex-Dead Letter Dept is branching out of the punk world to put out…wait for it…a solo acoustic EP. But it makes a lot of sense, plenty of punk rockers go the acoustic route, and let’s be honest, listening back to DLD it was sometimes quite a stretch to even call them punk. This is The Lie pretty much follows the same formula from DLD days but gone are the distorted guitars and Moir’s snot-nosed vocals.

With that aside, This Is The Lie is a short and sweet re-introduction to Moir’s impressive pop songwriting abilities and he seems to be quite comfortable playing the laid back folk-singer. The title track is a fun fusion of poppy twang while lyrically bringing to mind Jack Kerouac’s stream of consciousness writing, detailing life on the road. “A Town With No Heart” begins with a stark arrangement and as the realization of “why does it hinder my spirit, I’m falling apart, in a town with no heart” hits home the track blossoms into a winding country-folk melody. My favorite track is the solemn ballad, “Let Me Down Easy” which reminded me of  The Fruit Bats’ 2003 bright and breezy sophomore Mouthfuls.

This Is The Lie goes down easy but you get the feeling you have heard these songs somewhere before. With an impressive 40 date North American tour booked, Moir will surely dig some new stories and expand his sound just before a full-length is due. (Northern Americas)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Rob Moir – MySpace


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