Five Alarm Funk, Anything Is Possible

Vancouver’s 11-piece monstrosity, Five Alarm Funk take the Anything Is Possible mantra to heart on their third studio release by blending together the funky styling of James Brown, the ska textures of Uz Jsme Doma with the weird-as-funk arrangements of Frank Zappa and turn it all into their own brand of hysterical jazz cabaret. This little stew is making Five Alarm Funk one of Canada’s most sought after party bands.

Introducing the band on opener “Infernal Monologue” is a choir of creepy kids before some sugar-starved fiend screams, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”. From here on, the band delivers on this promise and highlights include the Middle Eastern rock-charged “Titan”, the 80’s themed strut “Demons Be Gone” and the operatic, percussive Afro-beat “Soft Six”. Still, at the end of the day – Five Alarm is about the F-U-N-K and tracks like “Zenith Escalator”, “Payday” and “Face Riot” will have you popping on the dance floor.

This reviewer isn’t at all familiar with the band’s early work, but after listening to this record, I’m eagerly anticipating (and hoping) that The Winnipeg Jazz Festival is going pick these guys up for the 2011 roster. Canada needs great entertainers like this not only to keep jazzy-funk alive but also to remind listeners that sometimes you just got to let your body loose. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Five Alarm Funk – MySpace


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