Shane Philip, Life.Love.Music.

One-man-band/didgeridooer, Shane Philip’s fifth-outing basks in organic, mellow vibes and while it is not anything distinctive, Life.Love.Music., is genuine in its execution. Die-hard fans will love this record, people who own Xavier Rudd’s entire discography will love this record and if you ever thought to yourself “Man….Ben Harper is an amazing lap steel player” you may find yourself warming up to these simple tribal pop-songs.

Life.Love.Music. excels in celebrating the little things in life and asks what can you do to help your fellow person and Mother Earth. Examples of these themes are found in the ragged blues of “Sacred”, the ethereal weirdness of “Earth Dance”, goofy opener “Island Soul” and the bubblegum reggae “See You Again”.

Here is what is so frustrating about Shane Philip; his albums are not entirely bad but they aren’t amazing either. Even after repeated listens nothing catches you off guard. Lyrically, his views on the environment are accessible but they don’t push the boundaries and they definitely don’t challenge my views. Even his interpersonal songs miss the spot as they come off hippie-flavoured and stuffed with clichés.

Now obviously, he is a very talented musician who can handle a dozen different instruments – but I’ve heard these types of songs done just as well at open mic-night, over packed folk-festivals and dozens of house parties. (Independent)

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Shane Philip – Official Site


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