Sarah Cripps, Practice

Sarah Cripps is only 19 but with a decade of experience under her belt she has caught the ears of powerhouse producer David Kalmusky (Emerson Drive, The Road Hammers) and songwriter David Martin (Adam Gregory, Hemingway Corner) and this quick 5-song EP does the job of leaving you wanting more.

Innocently entitled, Practice, it becomes quite clear from the get-go on pop-country rocker “Getaway Car” that Cripps is an experienced singer with a naturally powerful voice that can ache, “He had a way of walking, that made a girl’s head turn around” without it sounding forced. Over and over again, Cripps works her magic especially on the soaring “You Got Me” the steamy title track and both “Just Sing” and “Me” could have been standard country-pop affairs but Cripps brings all of them to a whole new level with her honest portrayals.

If I had to place a bet on one female singer to make waves in the next couple of years, Sarah Cripps would definitively take the lead; Strong production team, catchy and consistently enjoyable songs along with Cripps own versatility as a musician (she can easily go edgier or be a polished baby-face) there is no reason for Country music fans and record companies to eat this up. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Sarah Cripps – Official Site


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