Jimmy Zee, Devil Take Me Down

Some may know Jimmy Zee as owner of one of Canada’s major distributors that serves over 2,500 retail stores and takes care of companies like Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels, UFC, John Deere, NHL, NFL, NASCAR, Corona, Budweiser and the CFL. Yet, somehow, between all the business deals, Zee still finds time to lay down the blues.

With his second release, Devil Take Me Down, it is easy to hear why it was nominated at The Western Canadian Music Awards for Blues Recording of the Year. Full of well-crafted and all round enjoyable funky blues; Zee and his band would not be out-of-place at your local watering hole. Unfortunately, this is probably the same reason why they didn’t bring home the grand prize, but I have a soft spot for these guys. Not only does Zee’s soulful yet scorched vocal tone bring authenticity to the project but these are all very good songs, when taken in at four tracks a time.

Opening with the dirty grind “Working Hard” the band lays down some retro-grade blues before sliding into the lazy-Americana of the title track where after the poppy soft-rock ballad “Diamonds” could have been taken straight out of Eric Clapton’s songbook. The fourth track, “Bad End Boys” is where the funk is brought to the forefront and the band easily kicks it into high gear. Besides the programmed Latino groove of  “Santa Fe”, Devil Take Me Down plays out like an old jukebox that you can always rely on. (XL Music)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Jimmy Zee – Official Site


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