Hands and Teeth, Enjoy Your Lifestyle

There seems to be a multitude of experimental pop acts coming out of Toronto these days but I haven’t been disappointed yet and Hands and Teeth are no exception.

The fuel-injected pop gem “Race To The End”  opens Enjoy Your Lifestyle where the duel vocals of Kevin Black and Natasha Pasternak reminded me of the defunct Brooklyn trio Rainer Maria. But you can’t label H&T, “Rainbows and Unicorns” breaks the indie-pop mold with a brooding ethereal drawl that peaks with guitars fuzz then segues beautifully into the folksy-rock “The Beacons” where the bands Fleetwood Mac inspiration comes out.

Topping off the EP with the intricately layered lullaby “Until The Night” and the melodically driven piano, “It’s Disaster You’re After” (A track Coldplay wished they thought of) – H&T will enjoy the reputation of creating some of 2011’s most infectious arrangements while challenging the biz on what is considered pop music. Good news is, they are just getting started; the band is already working on a follow-up EP and playing two showcases at CMW. (Independent)

Rating 4/5 Stars

Hands and Teeth – Official Site


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