Jacquie Drew, Red Hot Candy Heart

Most new country these days has been in the rock/pop vain so when an artist tackles the long-lost art of honky-tonk you pay attention. Still, when Jacquie Drew opened her sophomore, Red Hot Candy Heart, with the cheeky twang of  “Sugar Daddy'” I was wondering what I had got myself into! But, by the playful chorus I realized what she was up to and had me instantly hooked.

Red Hot Candy Heart is full of fantastic, silly songs but my favourites include: “Achin’ Burnin’ Dream” which is about growing old together and includes the killer line, “But you still think I’m sexy, in my saggy underwear”, the ode to her “Breast Friends” and the passionate “Moonlight’s Calling” reminds listeners to enjoy the little things in life.  Another key track, “Cowgirl That I Am” captures the spirit of Red Hot Candy Heart, “Well I’m weathered and I’m worn / but I’ve been tough since I was born / and I can haul a load as well as any man / and my beauty’s on the inside and my heart can reach a mile wide / and I guess it’s just the cowgirl that I am”.

Jacquie Drew writes straight from the heart, bringing so much her own quirkiness to these slice of life songs that audiences will always relate to, unfortunately, her stylistic choice may have cornered her into a niche market. (Independent)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Jacquie Drew – Official Site


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