Sam Roberts Band, “I Feel You”

The moment I knew that Sam Roberts would forever be one of my favourite Canadian musicians came about on his debut album when he proclaimed, “Do you believe in rock n’ roll? Cause I would die for rock n’ roll”! on wam-bam rocker “On The Run”. A decade and five albums later, Roberts still hasn’t given up on rock music.

On May 10th, The Sam Robert Band is returning with their highly anticipated sixth release Collider (The moniker “band” has finally stuck). First single “I Feel You” was released back in February and after numerous listens I’m….well…feeling it.

Fans of 2008’s Love at the End of the World will instantly dig the dark production and modern jam arrangements that the band has become known for; but this time around the band enhances their psychedelic grooves with dirty euro-key bleeps. Now, “I Feel You” is not going to be a radio hit but I love how the band are continually challenging themselves and their fans with every release. (Secret Brain Inc)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Sam Roberts Band – Official Site


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