Colie Williams, Light Up The Darkness

Colie Williams opens her debut album with the testament “This is for the ancestors/Ella, Sarah, Billie” on the elegant “Ol’ Soul For A New Day” which affectionately displays Williams appreciation for those who inspired her to create what she calls Holistic Soul. But before we get to the present, lets begin with the past.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Williams was quickly singled out in high school as someone with an incredible vocal talent, this lead to her transfer to The Music & Arts High School in Harlem where she majored in vocal studies. After this journey she continued her studies at Syracuse University where she participated in their musical theatre program but graduated with an education major; still the passion of singing was too strong for her to ignore.

It is this raw passion that has helped Williams develop her old-school sensibilities in finding kindred spirits Soul For A New Day; a band that uniquely blends light jazz, classic R&B and Soul with a New-Age vibe that allows listeners a few moments of personal freedom and peace.

Really, the music takes a back seat to what Williams is preaching. Light Up The Darkness focuses on love in all it’s manifestations. “You/Reggae Love” is about meeting up with an old high school flame, “Passing Day” is about getting past that initial pain of losing someone, “All U Need” sensually teases the man of her desire (You never met a real women before/until I walked right in your door/and I saw your heart lying down on the floor) and “Black Love” relays to her generation on why it is so important to instill values of self-respect in our children.

Light Up The Darkness is only a hint of what Williams can deliver musically as there is a bit too much 90’s synth for my taste (That New-Age vibe I was talking about). What really matters though is how she connects with listeners and with that sweet voice and strong delivery, listeners will get a dose of wisdom and thoughtfulness unheard of in pop music. (PH Balanced Music/MDI Distribution)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Colie Williams – Official Site


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