Aoede, Affair With The Muse

Lisa Sniderman, aka Aoede (pronounced A-D-E), is already quite an accomplished artist as her sophomore breakthrough, Push and Pull, won “Top Album of the Decade” and “Top Artist of the Year” for 2008 from It was during this time that Sniderman also found out that she has Dermatomyositis; a rare connective-tissue disease that attacks and weakens the immune system, muscles and skin.

I’m not writing this to garner pity for Aoede, quite the contrary; I greatly admire her for living with a chronic medical issue and still managing to focus all that negative energy into something more powerful – positivity that impacts others. She also has quite the sense of humor, The Muse in mythological terms is the sister goddess called…. you guessed it, Aoede…. so this whole affair is over herself, and honestly, I’ve never had more fun listening in on a conversation.

Opener “Fairy Tale Love” is one of those quirky conversations that finds Aoede waiting for the seemingly impossible – prince charming – but if your willing to “even eat the poison apple” once and awhile your bound to find one. “Does Your Heart Ever Stop Feeling” follows up with the same type of endearing pop, built around soft keys and glowing melodies that will be appreciated by fans of Ben Lee and Sarah Slean.

Affair With The Muse’s best moments are when Aoede completely lets her guard down. On “Crave Me” she longs for her partner to relive those sweet, lustful moments of new love, “Will you kiss me each time we ride in an empty elevator, side by side open-eyed”. Again on “Love Proof” she confesses, “Show me how to do this thing called life, I haven’t got a clue, I’m merely floating, fishing cork on the line”.

Full of fun, poppy hooks and gorgeous production that only aids in making these engaging lovelorn themes all the more enticing; Aoede’s easy-to-love pop will forever find a home on your headphones. (Aoede Muse Music)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Aoede – Official Site


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