Toy Horses, Toy Horses

Before I even did any research on Welsh duo Toy Horses, I focused on the tunes and straight from roaring opener, “No One’s Gonna Leave You” – I loved what I heard. Toy Horses endorse a sublime blend of British 60s pop sensibilities, catchy indie-pop melodies and perfected dueling harmonies. On an interesting side note, Toy Horses are a stepfather/stepson team [Tom Williams (40) and Adam D. Franklin (21) but as Franklin states, “There’s never been a generational ‘gap’ to bridge. We’re mates and we’ve started a band”.

Recorded and produced by ex-Wilco member, Ken Coomer; Toy Horses debut was done in Nashville and has that country sheen. Tracks like “Damage Done” and “Sorid Little World” benefits from this but still manages to come off timeless. First single, “Interrupt” is a beautifully arranged pop-gem that could easily make the jump to becoming a standard in every romantic movie put out this year, but then again, so could the alluring balladry of “Last Chance”.

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of hype surrounding Toy Horses, and while they do prove track after track that they can write some of the most infectious pop out there I don’t see them exploding into instant worldwide success. However, that is not what these guys are about and their debut album displays an immense talent and love for going beyond that one hit single. (Albino Sparrow Records)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Toy Horses – Official Site


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