We Are The Ocean, Go Now And Live

“I’ve been told to let it all go/I’ve been told just to give it up/give it up!”, Liam Cromby and Dan Brown scream on viscous opener, “Trouble is Temporary, Time is Tonic”. The above statement is targeted at all the haters and critics out there and is a bold statement to begin Go Now and Live.

While it is obvious to mention that We Are The Ocean are maturing and toning down their post-hardcore roots, it would be way too easy to write off Go Now And Live as being safe. Clearly, the transition to play for a wider audience also means bringing out the melodic perceptive, but it is not like these guys have gone soft.

Definite favourites include “Overtime is a Charge”, “Trails and Tribulations” and “Godspeed” all which are super-charged punk tracks that wouldn’t be out-of-place on At The Drive In’s Relationship Of Command. While melodic songs like, “Now and Then”, “Runaway” and “Before I Die” follow a stricter alt-rock formula fit for Top 20 Rock Radio.

We Are The Ocean have taken the first steps to altering their sound but have fundamentally kept their identity intact. With this little experiment out-of-the-way they have certainly become a stronger and more versatile group that will be continually evolving. (Hassle Records)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

We Are The Ocean – Official Site


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