Saint Kris, Extraordinary

Mixtape culture can be traced to the very roots of hip-hop and with the power of social media, the idea has exploded from the streets to a world-wide phenomenon. The beauty of a mixtape is how artists can really develop their sound and flow while taking chances with atypical samples and beats. It also allows artists to develop a direct relationship with their fan base (for better or worse) through social networking and downloading.

Winnipeg’s Saint Kris released his second mixtape, Extraordinary, in a rock dominated music scene and  I haven’t heard a mixtape done this well since Peanuts & Corn started making tapes back in 94′. What instantly caught this listener was how honest Kris is with himself and his laid-back flow is full of smooth metaphors about becoming something greater than even he could have imagined. Really, that message is the heart of this project. However, let’s get to the music!

My favourite part of Extraordinary are Saint Kris’ ingenious picks for samples. “Your Mother” starts off as a foreboding funeral march that builds with anxiety before a beautifully mixed sample of “Your Mother Should Know” by The Beatles interrupts the dense mix. The original gangster, Frank Sinatra, makes an appearance on “My Way” where Kris and Jay Mizz take on fate with such vengeance that even ol’ blue eyes would approve.

For those of you in need of comparisons, tracks like first single “Cool Ya Off”, “Remember The Rain” and “Sonlight” are akin to soul-poet Common; All feature some memorable soul samples that tug at the heart  and with lines like:

“And I can’t be scared to be me at best / and I can’t be you / cause I can never spit a line if it can’t be true / so I’m going to stick to the honesty / and honestly I could care less if you honour me / without you I’m still going make it”

With passion, determination and talent like this, Extraordinary is simply a stepping stone from his basement studio to (hopefuly) national recoginiton. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Saint Kris – Reverbnation


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