Easy Evans, At Ease

Slow-burning soul jams are a hard genre to pull off when you are an independent artist; you need just the right chemistry of vocal charisma, hot beats, and pristine production values. Evans has the voice; however, the beats and production are a bit cold and the whole album is a mimicry of early 90’s R&B.

OK, I will admit that last paragraph sounds a tad bit harsh, really, Evans debut EP is done very well for an independent release. Greeting the listener with sparkling strokes, loose beats and soothing vocals, the title track is the perfect opener and really lets you know where the rest of the album is going. Other tracks like, “May I” and “It’s True” follow the same type of formula, except the former, features some subtle guitar work which I thought Evans would use more often – especially on “Talk to Me” which is too heavy on keyboard sweeps.

The party track, “Let Loose” is the weakest of the set sounding awfully forced, as if Evans was trying to fill a quota of certain songs. Sample lyric, “When you go out to a party, you have to go with somebody, or meet some new friends…just be social”. Thanks for the tip Evans, any recipes for taco dip?

Evans’ intentions for At Ease was to introduce himself as an laid-back artist, so it is quite ironic that the two tracks that best showcase his vocal abilities are the tabla mantra “Not 2 Late” and the electronic funk of “Miss Communication” – both are mid-tempo tracks that really push Evans’ vocals to the limits.

At Ease definitely captures the artist’s vision and with time Evans could be a major player on the scene, believe me, this critic knows that this is merely a stepping stone to something greater, but right now, Evans is not bringing anything new to the game. (Evans EZ Listening)

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Easy Evans – Official Site


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