Kim Wempe, Painting With Tides

In her bio Kim Wempe says, “The idea that by changing my view on things and choosing who I surround myself with, I could become a better person and be happier. We don’t really have a lot of control over anything, but this we do”.

Her first full-length, Painting With Tides, is supported by some of Canada’s best. Jill Barber and Justin Rutledge rave about her, she killed at the 2010 East Coast Music Awards and even took part at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Juno-fest in St. John’s. Now it is time for the rest of Canada to catch-up.

Opening track and first single, “Chameleon” features Joel Plaskett and fiddler Rosie MacKenzie; it is a bold way to start off the album, haunting yet simple and up-beat. What you take away from the track though is just how absorbing and powerful Wempe’s vocals are and you get a strong sense of what she is all about. With such a successful start you would expect her to follow some type of formula, not Wempe, she reveals layers and variations of roots music that are close to her heart.

“Roots” begins as a solo track before blossoming like a prairie flower – full of colour and passion – as she reflects on her family, “My sisters are like mirrors/echoing the strength of my mother”. “Bring It Here” is the rocker of the bunch demanding “the kind of love that money can’t buy” while the slow barn-burner “Rhythm Of The Road” captures the spirit of a lifeline dedicated to the road.

What makes Painting With Tides so enjoyable is that Wempe is an honest songwriter who sings from the soul with music that taps into the inner workings of the human condition – you can’t help but feel connected to every nuance and word. Simply put, a full-length masterpiece. (GroundSwell/Warner)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Kim Wempe – Official Site


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