Thomas Tantrum, Mad By Moonlight

Thomas Tantrum are one of my favourites coming out of the UK this summer – both singles “Sleep” and “Hot Hot Summer” are fun, bouncy pop pieces that will remind listeners of The Cure, very early R.E.M and indie-darlings Life Without Buildings.

Comprised of Megan Thomas (lead vocals, guitar), Dave Brown (drums), David Miatt (guitars) and Jim Shivers (bass); this quartet have tackled their sophomore as a rebirth bringing in synths to fill out their already lean, punk-y melodies. Furthermore, the band maintain their focus by creating a theme of mad, insomniac adventures of endearing yet broken relationships. Much of Mad By Moonlight is brilliant but the band gets a little too comfortable with their guitar-pop formula as some of the latter tracks start to sound alike. Still, there is a lot to enjoy here.

Opening with the intoxicating dream sequence, “Tick Tock (Satie)” the band drills the theme into your head before breaking into sugary surfer, “Face The Music” where Thomas coos, “I’m gonna take you on a love boat, if we go back it’ll be cut throat”. By mid-way point, Tantrum manage to pack in one-two rocker “Cold Gold” and their first two singles. Unfortunately, the band cannot keep the momentum going. Besides the sublime call to action “We Are The People”, the club inspired “Only Human” and gentle closer “Supermodel” – the bottom half of this record fails to deliver.

With only two albums under their belt, the Southampton ensemble are just getting started – Mad By Moonlight is still a very strong and fun album that is perfect for those summer getaways. (Stranger Records)

3/5 Stars

Thomas Tantrum – Official Site


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