Countdown to Beyoncé’s 4

Fans of Beyoncé won’t have to wait until June 28th to hear the pop icon’s highly anticipated follow-up to 2008’s I Am….Sasha Fierce. Starting today until June 27th Beyoncé is giving fans the inside scoop by posting a new song everyday from her new album 4.

Paired with the track is an accompanying photo and quote from Beyoncé on how each track came together or how she was inspired for this record. I really love the promotion of this record, Columbia Records is building this as a return to form and giving fans inside access. Fantastic idea.

Today’s track is the stripped soul-burner “1+1″and is the perfect re-introduction to Beyoncé. Her strong and confident vocals are earth-shattering and the mix of 80’s chimes and 90’s rock guitar are a nostalgic blend for soul-pop. Still, I couldn’t help but laugh at the over dramatic line, “I don’t know much about algebra/but I know that 1 +1 is 2!”

Fans are in for a wild ride, so be sure to Check out Beyoncé’s Official Site for a new song everyday until the release of 4 on June 28th.


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