Blue King Brown, Blue King Brown

Impressive Australian 8-piece urban roots crew Blue King Brown are making their debut in North America this summer with a new album and hitting all the major jazz festivals in Canada. Already gaining a reputation for their explosive live act, the band blends afro-beat, reggae, world, Latino and classical influences into a distinctly original and accessible take on roots music that transcends all borders.

Besides the fury of mosaic sounds, Blue King Brown is fronted by the energetic Natalie Pa’apa’a whose vocal presence takes center stage on this record as she riffs about social and political injustices with such a veracious front that she can’t help but inspire. “Women’s Revolution” featuring Queen Ifrica is a call to action for women’s rights, pleading for women worldwide to resist oppression so that “freedom can dream”. The whole album is full of love letters to the world community; for those in desolate conditions to keep fighting for their rights.

Even out of the harshest communities, Blue King Brown find beauty and use these borrowed world grooves to create a unifying force – music can save the world. Opening track, “Resist” starts off with classical strings intertwined with cool reggae strokes building into one of the most extravagant pop songs I have ever heard. This is followed up by the club-ready “Never Fade Away” a track that every American Idol only wished they could create. Other highlights include the electro-tribal opus “Hammer” featuring Voodoo Dread, first single “Water” best showcases how the band sounds live and the funk-rock anthem “Moment Of Truth” will get even the most cynical critic dancing.

What makes Blue King Brown work as both a live act and on disc is that they have managed to make world music accessible without watering down the tribal grooves and (more importantly) the message. (Indica Records)

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Blue King Brown – Official Site


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