Revelstoke, Espirit d’Escalier

Revelstoke is a basement project recorded, produced and mixed by Toronto’s Andrew Seale that tunes in at barely a whisper. His debut EP, Espirit d’Escalier, will be released as a free download on July 5th on his Bandcamp page.

Before we begin, let me say that I understand the spirit of this record; taking on traditional forms of popular music by recording with nothing but a banjo, mandolin and voice.

Revelstoke is indeed an abstract artist as he claims on his bio. Unfortunately, while Revelstoke has the heart of an indie-pop poet he doesn’t conjure up an endearing performance. It feels to me like Revelstoke gets lost in these simple arrangements and after a while Espirit d’ Escalier merely becomes back round music.

Many of the albums best moments are ruined by abstract zeal. On “A Certain Artist’s Judgement” you almost miss the “da da da da da” chorus due to layers of soft noise and album closer “Song For Ania (Because You Can’t Be Here)” contains a beautifully simple melody that could have been built up with strings. Instead, you are greeted with gritty hand-claps and lacklustre vocal effects. (Independent)

Rating: 2/5 Stars


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