Washington, How to Tame Lions

OK…. so I’m way behind on hearing/raving about Brisbane based pop-star Megan Washington.  This 5-song EP was released back in 2009 (and is her fifth EP) and she has already released her 2010 debut, I Believe You Liar. So, why am I reviewing a two-year old release?

Well, Washington (as she prefers to be called) is set on taking over North America and How to Tame Lions is the best place to start. Her special brand of clever pop songs are akin to Australian contemporary Ben Lee (during his moody “Hey You. Yes You.” era) combined with the romantic musical punch of Canadian indie-pop group Stars.

The opening title track beautifully reverberates with pulsing keys, chiming guitar strums, as Washington’s vocals eloquently dance over her upbeat pop melodies that embody the sad sentiment, “How do you tame a lion, when their lying low, you be my Arthur Miller, I will be your Marilyn Monroe”. Current single from I Believe You Liar, “Sunday Best” kicks in next and is pure rock n’ roll fun while “Halloween” blurs into a dreamy affair bringing back those intoxicating keyboard strokes.

My favourite track from How to Tame Lions is “Teenager Fury” an ode to days past that builds from a simplified drum loop to waves of piano, guitar and clavichord. “Welcome Stranger” an acoustic, live off the floor cut has Washington attempting to reign in the ghost of a past lover – “All the years of being broke, and all the spit and all the smoke, and all the fucking and all the drugs, all the love was not enough, you take my guts, I take the car”.

Sure, it is a bitter end for our dear protagonist but it leaves you wanting more – Washington is one of those rare musicians that can write beautiful upbeat pop songs while baring her soul, even when some of those memories are difficult to face. (Mercury Records)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Washington – Official Site


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