Glee Cast, Glee the 3D Concert Movie Soundtrack

Love em’ or hate em’ the Glee Franchise has helped both the music industry and even some musician’s careers. To date, over 33 million Glee songs have been sold digitally and over 10 million albums sold worldwide – Numbers like these are promising for mainstream artists. With Glee’s first 3D concert event opening August 12th, the soundtrack is sure to make a few bucks.

I have to admit that these numbers surprised me; I knew that people were having a connection to the T.V. series but who knew that they would take it seriously as an (and I’m going to sound old here) album.

Here is what I enjoyed about this soundtrack – the performances and the backing band are spot on. I’ve watched a few of the shows and the cast should be congratulated with their performances, especially of P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass”, Rick Springfield “Jessie’s Girl” and Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T”.

Besides the commendable job on the crew’s interpretations of the songs, I still don’t take it seriously as an important piece of art. Sure it could be argued, that they are capturing popular culture and bringing back some great pop songs to the mainstream. But, at 23 tracks of previously recorded material, Glee live is an impressive venture on how much money a franchise can suck out of its fans. What do you get from this soundtrack that you don’t have from the actual digital or pressed releases?

Are you ready for it? One bonus track (Florence and the Machines “Dog Days Are Over”). You also get a continuous scream track that gets louder by the minute and banal commentary from the crew – “how is everyone doing? Are you having fun!”

Part of what makes Glee so appealing is how the storylines are bound to the songs they sing – when put on stage the whole act falls flat and they completely lose their appeal. (Columbia Records)

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Glee – Official Site


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