Amy Cunningham, To The Stars We’ll Return…

Vancouver’s Amy Cunningham loves music; her commitment to the craft extends back to her childhood, singing with her guitar-wielding grandfather at family events eventually leading to her writing songs at a very young age. Come university, the muse was too strong for her to ignore, she immediately co-fronted a popular acoustic duo that regularly played in front of 300 people at the local campus bar and even opened for singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher.

All these experiences have led to Cummingham’s satisfying debut, To The Stars We’ll Return. Produced by Corwin Fox (Scott Dunbar, Miss Emily Brown), his deft production style has given these simple folk treatments a dramatic flair that also gives weight to Cunningham’s wide-eyed poetry. But, without solid songs, Fox wouldn’t have anything to craft around and at the very heart of this project are Cunningham’s heart-to-heart writing style that is so easy to identify with.

Opening track, “Real” is a soul-pop number that celebrates artists and music that soothes the soul. This is followed up by the roots flavoured; “Freedom” which captures Cunningham’s current touring situation as she “travels up and down this road so wide” and third track “Similar Soul” features a beautiful string arrangement that really challenges Cunningham’s vocals – of  course she hits every note pitch perfect, full of emotion.

Other highlights include the haunting “Saving Grace”, the folk-licking “We Are The Ones” which will be featured on the sustainability documentary Community Connections by Chris Carter and my personal favourite “Don’t Say A Word” an intimate portrait of uncertain lust.

Amy Cunningham’s To The Stars is an accessible brand of country-soul that will please most fans while those looking to be challenged might find it a tad too safe. (Independent)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Amy Cunningham – Official Site


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