James Struthers, James Struthers

On his self-titled second EP, Winnipeg’s James Struthers continues to create the same kind of acoustic love songs that defined 2010’s Nadia and for fans of the blossoming pop star this album will only solidify his reputation as someone “with deep blue eyes, disarming smile and cool, calm demeanor” as his bio states.

Really though, who gives a shit about how the dude looks – what does he sound like?

Struthers’ creates those pretty acoustic pop moments that end Hollywood romantic comedies. His charming, playful poetry is kind of goofy, clichéd by young love and the tracks are mostly mid-tempo summer vibes that go down easy. Think of a light mix between John Mayer and Ben Lee and you’ll get a feeling of where he lies.

Unfortunately for Struthers this is also the kind of music that is so easily disposable and after only seven songs I pretty much got my full of his cutesy pop. Still, for those who dig these kinds of easy-going love songs, you have your holy grail in James Struthers. (Independent)

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

James Struthers – Official Site


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