The Steel Wheels, Red Wing

Folk-roots quartet The Steel Wheels has just wrapped up their third annual Spokesongs bicycle tour. The entire band rode over 500 miles in ten days carrying all their gear and merchandise over the mountains of Virginia and the hills of Michigan. For all you bicyclists’ fans out there, be sure to check out the bands Spokesongs Bike Blog for all their adventures – this year they even hauled an upright bass!

Besides this successful tour, The Steel Wheels are kicking into high gear by racking up three Independent Music Awards; which included Best Country Song (“Nothing You Can’t Lose”) and are about to drop a live album in the spring and a documentary about their latest bike trip.

The album that preceded all these achievements was the band’s fifth release and top ten hit Red Wing an album that features the group’s softer side with gorgeous, gospel inspired ballads and bluesy-Americana.

Opening track, “Love You like I Should” pretty much captures the spirit of this record with nimble melodies, heartfelt mandolin plucking, soaring fiddle-work and Trent Wagler’s soulful, road-worn vocals akin to John Fogerty. Because of the warm production and straightforward song-writing, I found myself instantly captivated by these old country sounds; especially in highlights “Working on a Building” a southern gospel work-song, “Take a Picture, Lose your Soul” a soulful roots jig and “Surround Me” a blue-collar funeral hymn. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The Steel Wheels – Official Site


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