Carleton Stone, Carleton Stone

Carleton Stone steps into the limelight on his eponymous sophomore release as a captivating story-teller that treads along FM country territory that has been baptized by pop-poet Hawksley Workman. Workman is a fantastic producer – the album sounds clean but not overly glossy and he realizes the strengths of Stone’s compositions. These songs are far more country then anything the famous musician has done and the album captures the spirit of its namesake while taking a few chances.

Opening track, “Last Thing” is a timeless country rocker that begs to be played in stadiums across the country, while the boogie-woogie, hip shaking “Strange Medicine” would fit perfectly into Jerry Lee Lewis’ repertoire and “Dominoes” already sounds road ready for that mid-set sing-along. Other moments where Stone shines include the gospel lift of “Fit Together” and “Gone” and the soulful “Bad Decisions” which is patiently built-up on organ and lap-steel before the big payoff. Although, there are a few lull moments, “Never Felt A Thing” sucks the energy out of the record and “Looks” is a bit too cutesy for my liking but these moments are few and far in between.

I love records where you can sit down, get through it once and come out understanding what an artist loves about music.  Stone loves big rock ballads and country-soul; but he puts his own personal spin on these sounds with a contemporary pop energy that can’t be missed. (Groundswell Music)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Album comes out September 6, 2011: pre-order the album HERE and check out a killer live performance of “Last Thing” below.

Carleton Stone – Official Site


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  1. Oh wow amazing reviews you got there. It is nice to read the work of another music enthusiast! Yeah Carleton has the works of a big star.

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