Video Post: LeAnn Rimes, “Give”

To be honest, I haven’t heard very much from LeAnn Rimes so I was surprised to find that she is set to release her 11th album Lady & Gentlemen on September 27th via Curb Records.

“Give” is my re-introduction and there is no doubt that Rimes has one of the best voices in the music industry. She has that diva quality that is perfect for radio but she doesn’t come off fake and that is why “Give” works so well. Overall, the track is a pretty standard country ballad that Rimes turns into a powerful message.

For the video Rimes partnered with a Chicago based mission StandUp for Kids, which is set up to help the homeless and street kids. The best parts of the video include the intro and outro portions where the people talk about their current situations and I also got a kick out of some of their reactions, as you can tell that some of them have no idea what the lyrics to the song are. But that is not really the point and I think most viewers will agree with the overall message of the video and song.

LeAnn Rimes – Official Site


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