Cheryl Thibideau, Paper Fire

I usually don’t judge an album by its cover but I knew that Cheryl Thibideau’s debut album, Paper Fire, was going to be a rough ride. Paper Fire is a predictable blend of bland country songs that barely engages listeners. Part of the problem is that none of these songs make an impression on you and many of the melodies sound recycled from FM radio. Opening track, “Take My Hand’ attempts to start things off with a bang but fumbles under mundane lyricism; Also for some annoying reason the word “PVR” is all auto-tuned to hell. The title track is nice enough, but easily forgettable, “Broken String” is a clichéd mess, The Dick Clarke 5’s “Because” is a nice cover song. Overall, there is not much to get really excited about here, there is a pretty solid Irish folk lullaby hidden at the end of the album, but one tune can’t save a whole album of so-so songs. (Independent)

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Cheryl Thibideau – Official Site


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