Saint Kris, B.Y.O.B.

Earlier this year Saint Kris dropped his second mixtape, Extraordinary, and it completely blew me away. Before I even had a chance to recover, he followed up that success with the brilliantly titled B.Y.O.B. (Be Your Own Being) where he continues to develop and impress.

B.Y.O.B is already getting tons of local media attention in all the right places. Hot 103’s Ace Burpee has given first single, “No Stress” a long summer run on the wavelengths and Uptown Magazine had a nice feature on Saint Kris’ rising star. But, I should know better than to bring any of this up because it has no effect on this humble rapper. The first lines out of his mouth on jazz-samba opener “Walk With Me” is – “I represent the most humble shit that you ever hear” – and that’s him boasting!

The above track is followed up with my personal favourite, “Nasty”, featuring some outrageous grooves courtesy of Bravestarr and partner in crime Jay Mizz. “3 Wishes” is another highlight where Saint Kris’ spits some funny shit about women wanting “three little wishes/the ring/the roof/and some brand new dishes”. Sure ladies, pretend to be mad, but this line had my wife and I laughing our asses off.

Funny enough, the big radio hit “No Stress” featuring Rosie Blais of Enjoy Your Pumas is the weakest of the batch; if you’re looking for that hot summer dance track check out “Just Breathe, Just Believe” which better showcases Saint Kris’ undeniable sense of flow and groove.

With every release Saint Kris continues to buck popular trends as he follows the beat of his own heart – B.Y.O.B. only further cements his reputation for being one of Winnipeg’s most talented hip-hop artists. (Nice! Productions)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Saint Kris – Official Site


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