Sarah’s Girl, All About Me

Stacey Crawford uses the pseudonym Sarah’s Girl as an ode to her mother and as the title of her debut album suggests this is all about a singer becoming an artist. You see, Crawford has an extensive career backing up some of the greats including Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, India.Arie and Bob Dylan (The list goes on and on). To be honest, it is quite a surprise that it took so long for Crawford to step into the limelight, but I’m glad she took the plunge. 

Opener “We Get By” is inspired by real-life situations of her family and close friends with a groove that defines the record. This is followed up with the girls night out anthem “Tonight” which celebrates with some classic disco energy before slowing things down for the introspective “If It Weren’t For You”. Sarah’s Girl also scores big on the gospel themed “Whatever It Is”, the beautifully produced “Illusion” and the closing title track reaffirms Sarah’s Girl talent as a rising star. There are a few weak spots though; “Dreamer” and “Sara Smile” attempt to rock but come off way over-the-top and I found that on multiple listens I began to skip certain songs to get to my favourites.

Still though, All About Me, sticks close to Sarah’s Girl contemporary soul roots and is an all-round enjoyable listen; she doesn’t take any huge chances but every song is well-suited for her wonderful voice and the production on this independent record is flawless. (Nu Millennium Music Group)

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Sarah’s Girl – Official Site


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