Gordon Chambers, Sincere

Gordon Chambers may not be a familiar name but this Grammy award-winning songwriter has penned hits for the likes of Anita Baker, Beyoncé, Usher, Whitney Houston and The Isley Brothers.

His third solo album, Sincere, is an introspective look on how to keep a relationship together while chasing your dreams. Proof of this is right on apologetic opener, “In The Band” where Chambers attempts to explain to his lady why he’s coming home late from the studio. I’m thinking his explanation didn’t pan out because on the title track, Chambers is trying to smooth things over with the line: “Baby my love’s sincere / so listen to me now be clear / when I tell you that you’re the one / you can trust the words you hear”.

Musically, Chambers takes a few chances by blending contemporary R&B with live instrumentation and electronic sounds; highlights from these experiments include, “I Can’t Love You (If You Don’t Love You)”, “Love You Better” and “Moody Love”. Wisely, Chambers caters to his fans by breaking out his softer-side on piano ballads, “In My Room” and “Song For You”. He even manages a few gospel numbers right at the end of the album with “Lead Me” and “Walk With Me”.

Sincere offers the best of Gordon Chambers from pop-oriented tracks to old-school R&B; but it won’t catapult him into worldwide success, as it really doesn’t offer anything new to the scene that we haven’t already heard. Overall, a strong album that R&B enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy until his next release. (Chamber Music)

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Gordon Chambers – Official Site


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