Charlotte Cornfield, Two Horses

Over two EPs and numerous tours, Montreal’s Charlotte Cornfiled has developed her sound into an easy-to-love mash-up of 70’s folk-rock.

Opener “Construction On The Street” is a stream of consciousness narrative about a steamy romance over tight indie-rock beats. “Streets” also contains the first of many witticisms on the album that could have been tweeted – “Listening to Pavement/Wondering where the day went”. “Harbord & Grace” is another upbeat number that throws in horns at all the right moments.

“If You Don’t Pursue” echoes those 70’s influences over moody guitar tones and scattering piano notes, which leads to Two Horses’ best track; the stark “Arc Blues” which sounds instantly familiar with simple acoustic pulls and bright upright bass sounds. Not only does “Blues” showcase Cornfield’s songwriting skills it puts her captivating voice centre stage – there is an attitude there that transcends just sounding pretty. Cornfield doesn’t hit that vocal vibe again until the beautiful piano piece “Port Town” and the closing title track where she seethes “You could have said there’s someone else now”.

Two Horses is an enjoyable listen right from the start, but really there are no big surprises. Every song builds as anticipated but she covers enough musical ground to keep things interesting. (Independent)

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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