The Archives, Transitions EP

The Archives like to coin their sound as “Post-Rock” but like their bio’s straight forward founding principles – respect, brotherhood and good tunes – these guys are a straight forward alt-rock band with some great tunes and some so-so tunes.

Blasting in with anthemic opener “Home” The Archives layer distorted guitar drones, tones and fuzz while their secret weapon, drummer Kevin White, destroys the kit with a steady stream of stadium worthy fills. Follow-up track “Two Far Gone” gets a little dirtier but sticks pretty close to their infectious opener while “The City” takes the listener from mid-tempo rock-pop meanderings into some really fun punk build-ups.

Unfortunately, The Archives get a little sloppy on the bottom half of this EP. “Birds On A Bridge”, “Sheeps Clothing” and “Tiger Hugs” all build-up into huge loud rockers but there is nothing particularly interesting about their arrangements. I also realize that these three tracks are far less radio-oriented and could be the band developing their more artsy side which I’m all for, but, they do take the steam out of the record.

I look forward to hearing more from The Archives, this band is developing into a cohesive mess of roaring guitars.  (Independent)

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


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