The Lost Lovers Brigade, Little Skeletons

I instantly fell in love with Vancouver’s Lost Lovers Brigade. The group is fronted by Elisha May Rembold with members of Apollo Ghosts so LLB’s simple blend of guitar-pop and country textures are only made better with the lo-fi recording techniques that manages to flourish rather than distort. Opening track “Tiger” is an intimate introduction that begins with guitar plucks and tambourine before picking up tempo into an intense garage jam. Follow-up tracks “Lost Lovers” and “Morning Birds” will get plenty of comparisons to Neko Case as Rembold has the same timbre in her voice – but they are no less beautiful because of this. As I said before, this is not a one lady show; LLB are a cohesive group that grooves with tight melodies and wonderful layers of harmonies especially on highlights, “Black Notes on a Tight Reel”, “Lights and Shadows” and “Picture”. Little Skeletons is my favourite lost album of 2011, and as this band tours the brigade will only grow in numbers. (Independent)

Rating: 4/5 Stars

The Lost Lovers Brigade – Bandcamp Site


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