David St. Germain, My Country Song

Music runs through David St. Germain’s veins. His father, Ray St. Germain is in the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and his sister Sherry is marking her own retro-pop path. David, in his own right, is an accomplished and seasoned performer, heck, he started playing gigs with his father at the young age of 12. So, how does his debut album hold-up after years of slogging it on the road?

As the album title suggests, David is sticking to his roots, but with a leaner and grittier country-rock attitude. These big sounds are expertly harnessed by producers Chris Sutherland and Howard Klopak.

Now, let’s get to the songs. First off, for those listeners looking to be challenged lyrically or musically…you’ve come to the wrong place. I know how awful that sounds but you can’t get past how clichéd most of this album is. Saying that, once you stop taking My Country Song too seriously, it gets to be quite enjoyable.

“Radio” opens with a familiar guitar riff before David belts out in that soulful voice: “It’s that song on the radio/I want to get back out on the road/say so long/Yeah, I’ve gotta go/these highways road to another show”. Yeah, I told you it was pretty soppy stuff, but before you know it, your humming it at work! The next four tracks build on this formula, “Over Again”, “Everybody Changes”, “Come Home” and “Exactly What I Needed” are all fun country pop-songs with repetitive, emotional build-ups that make for classic live songs.

Then comes in the title track, a song so horrible that it almost ruins any connection that David and the boys happened to make with the listener. It’s just one of those extremely dated 80’s hair metal songs that just comes off nasty. The final three songs make up for this mess as the appropriately titled “Beautiful”, a cover of Merle Haggard’s “Working Man Blues” and “The Duel” suggest a route that St. Germain should focus on – heart-felt ballads and spaghetti westerns. (Mind Meld Music) ~ 3 Stars

David St. Germain – Official Site


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