Baby Eagle and The Proud Mothers, Bone Soldiers

With the Constatines taking an indefinite break guitarist/vocalist Steven Lambke is keeping busy, already releasing three albums under the moniker Baby Eagle and co-founding independent label You’ve Changed Records. On his fourth release, Lambke enlists touring buddies Will Kidham (The Constatines), Ian Kehoe and Spender Burton (of Attack in Black) and Nick Ferro (of His Feelings) for a collaborative project that was recorded off-the-floor in a matter of days.

The album begins aggressively with the title-track and “Strange Bodies” both have an under-developed vibe of four guys jamming in a studio space. Unfortunately, under these songs Lembke’s wheezing vocals come off sounding thin and colourless. The rest of the album is softer in nature; the best of these tracks include “Brave Women”, “Good Times/Bad Times” and “Hard Truths”.

Bone Soldiers will get plenty of raves for its garage-punk aesthetic and Lembke’s poetic metaphors, but to be honest, I really couldn’t get into this record. Musically, I found it to be quite tired – every song limps along to the same beat and is often quite predictable. Overall, nothing here made me inherently excited about this record but there are a few good cuts. (You’ve Changed Records) ~ 2.5 Stars

Baby Eagle – Official Site


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