Red Moon Road, (self-titled)

Winnipeg trio Red Moon Road are gearing up to release their full-length debut on March 17th at the West End Cultural Centre and fans of home-grown country-roots are in for a real treat.

Opening with mission statement “Do or Die” – The band reflects on musician life with bold instrumentation that gives reason for their quick rise on the scene. Since Red Moon Road’s first incarnation, co-founders Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner (guitar) and Daniel Jordan (drums) have been fronted by a strong feminine voice. In this final grouping the two Daniels found a triple threat in Sheena Rattai – a well-known local singer who moonlights with local funksters The Solutions. Her experience and range make softer ballads like “Where My Heart Is” and “Demons” all the more powerful and engaging.

These songs have been inspired by camp fire sing-alongs and indeed there is plenty here to enjoy in that context. But, give them a deeper listen and there are some pretty dark themes going on. For example, the seemingly light-hearted folk song “Liesel Friedl” is about a young women riding to the “iron curtain”. Then again, you have some pretty funny songs courtesy of Jordan; “Private Love” is about being in love with a mean women and “Hypothetical Girl” is a drunken sing-along with a kazoo line.

Overall, Red Moon Road have crafted a solid debut with some really interesting songs; sure most of them are on the slower side but the band has a real sense of what makes them unique in a crowded scene. (Morning Noise Records) ~ 3.5 Stars

Red Moon Road – Official Site


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