Cousins, The Palm at the End of the Mind

Cousins’ second release The Palm at the End of the Mind is a fun and trippy ride on distorted guitars and pounding drums that sonically recalls Black Mountain’s debut. Recorded mostly in the band’s home; you get the feeling of the trio sweating in their rehearsal space banging out these songs in the moment and as a result the album explodes with pent-up aggression over some very dynamic pop moments. Definite highlight, “Jules” opens with a Joel Plaskett riff that will instantly hook you in – the band has clearly captured their live show in this 3-minute gem. The rest of the album experiments with different vibes – “Khyber” is 60’s psychedelia amped up, “Secret Weapon” features that classic East Coast sound drenched in reverb and “Die” is the bands raucous epitaph. Sure, lead vocalist Aaron Mangle’s falsetto is something to get used to, but they fit these jangling punk songs so well, you’ll quickly get over it. (Saved By Vinyl) ~ 3 Stars

Cousins – Bandcamp Site


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