Carly Maicher, Hiding

“There was something really intriguing to me about loneliness that I wanted to study”  states Manitoban born singer-songwriter Carly Maicher. This fixation lead Maicher to her family’s summer cabin in New Brunswick. This supposed summer vacation quickly turned into 3 years; during this time she managed a local restaurant and quietly worked on her thesis of loneliness.

Hiding is the end product and, to be honest, it is not an easy collection of songs to get through. The feeling I get listening to this record is claustrophobic; there is a constant state of uneasiness and utter despair that gets especially fatiguing. In addition, Maicher’s voice (although pretty) stays very much in the same vocal range alongside sparse guitar parts that gets repetitive very quickly.

There is just not enough variation here to keep my attention – and I’m all for stripped down folk songs but you have to back that up with some powerful statement that will keep listeners interested and songs about “The Road”, “The Land” and “My Friend, The Moon” aren’t going to cut it. (Independent) ~ 2 Stars.


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